Interesting Places Near Capella Singapore That Will Make You Happy

Interesting Places Near Capella Singapore

There are many fascinating places like the beach, coffee shop, and plaza near Capella Singapore. As one of the best hotels in this country, you can stay there with many exciting places near there. So, here are some spots that will make you happier during vacation.

Palawan Beach

This beach is very close to the hotel. It is only 266 meters away from the hotelNot only for the lovey-dovey couple, but it is suitable for children too. Because the area is safe and there is some culinary spot in the neighborhood.

Imbiah Station

About 718 meters away from the hotel, you will see Imbiah Station that can take you all around the country by MRT. MRT is public transportation that is very comfortable and cheap. So, if you want to go to any other place, do not forget the Imbiah Station.

Singapore General Hospital

Not only for fun, but some tourists also go to Singapore to take medical action. Indeed, this country has a good quality of healthcare. So, if you are one of them, just stay in Capella Singapore. Because it is so close to Singapore General Hospital that only 3.53 kilometers away from there.

You can take some medication, go under surgery, or have another health service. So, after taking some medication, you can have a relaxation time in the hotel with the beautiful landscape outside and fresh air near the beach.

The Populus Coffee and Food Co

Do you like to have a cup of coffee while looking for some inspiration? If you do, come to The Populus Coffee and Food Co that is only 3.67 kilometers from the hotel. In that place, you can drink various kinds of coffee and other beverages.

Not only that, but you can also eat some delicious snacks in a comfortable place. You can go there by yourself or with partners or team. Because the café is spacious and suitable for a single customer, couples, or some people that come together.

Universal Studios Singapore

Many people say that your vacation in Singapore is not complete without going to Universal Studios Singapore. Why is that so? Because the situation and games there are enjoyable. It is a place where adults and children can enjoy the route around. The location is strategic, only 508 meters from the hotel. So, you can go there in the morning when your energy is still on top.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

Many people like to play in the casino. If you like that too, go to Marina Bay Sands Casino. Because it is a great place in this city that is only 5.34 kilometers away from Capella Singapore. So, you can easily go there.

Lucky Plaza

Buy some souvenirs for family members or friends can be a good idea. If you want to buy some gifts too, Lucky Plaza is a good place. The location is about 6.16 kilometers away from your hotel.

So, where do you want to go? If you want to save more money, take the benefit of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers that will give some discount to some destinations. Especially when you stay at Capella Singapore.